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          One of 70 pillars in Idle Hour

          One of 70 pillars in Idle Hour


The Idle Hour Beautification Project started in 1988.

Our mission is to replace or restore the 70 pillars that the Burke brothers erected in 1927. They were placed on corners throughout the Vanderbilt Estate, Idle Hour, in Oakdale.

 Now the project is to maintain these pillars and the triangle garden with the Welcome to Idle Hour sign.  This triangle is on the corners of Vanderbilt Blvd., Woodlawn Ave. and Biltmore Ave.

There are still several pillars ready to be adopted.  Contact Linda Hart at

Donations can be sent to 229 Connetquot Dr. , Oakdale, NY 11769

Donations should be made out to Idle Hour Beautification Project.

Contact us if you know a mason that lives in our community?  Our mason recently retired.